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For example, suppose you deploy your shiny app on and it’s running into a weird error there.

You’re sure that it’s because one of the packages on the server is not the version that you expect, but you want to make sure that your suspicion is correct.

Even though the Bootstrap navbar (which is what Shiny uses) supports adding text and input widgets into the navbar, Shiny doesn’t have support for that.

This app shows you how to very easily achieve that.

This example shows how to define an output variable in the server code that you can use in the UI.

An alternative approach is to use the functions from the shinyjs package.

The main idea is to include an overlay element that covers the entire app (using CSS), hide the main app’s UI, and at the end of the server function show the UI and hide the overlay.

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This app shows how you can add a spinner wheel on top of the plot while it is recalculating, to make it clear to the user that the plot is reloading.There can be many different ways to achieve a similar result using different combinations of HTML/CSS, this example is just the simplest one I came up with.Link to code This app demonstrates how is how to programmatically hide/show the sidebar.It’s a bit difficult to debug on (one thing you could do is try to use the log files), but there’s a quick and easy way to see any value in a Shiny app in real-time.Link to code Traditionally, a only accepts tabs and menu items inside of it.