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A robotic golden eagle starts to soar with them, followed by a mechanical white horse trotting alongside, all against a wolf background screen.

All of a sudden, Robin presses the button, and Cyborgs asks what's the problem.

The other Titans are just sitting around when Cyborg comes in lip syncing the lyrics.

He takes Robin by his cheeks and stares emotionally into his eyes, but then just throws him down and continues on.

Reagan, it's just the right collaboration for a perfect song.

They are teleported someway to a far off planet and are speeding along on a high-tech bike with two side cars.

Cyborg hits the accelerator, and they flash though the open past a metallic crater crab.

Cyborg says that listening to it makes anything possible, but Starfire wonders if songs really have that much power.

He says music has the ability to transform you, and Raven goes on wanting to be Optimus Prime.