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We also stock a line of "One Touch" style fittings and air lines to help you with plumbing needs. FC-C Optional Flow Control .00 T4000 Optional CO2 Bottle & Reg.

0.00 Note: To order place the suffix AIR behind the stop part number Air option on any throttle control is available. When ordering a dominator stop please specify 2", 2 1/8" or 2 1/4" bore.

The adjustable flow control lets you choose the opening rate of your stop for smooth application of power for precise control. control by slamming the stop closed.) Our stop comes with aired lines, air solenoid valve, and fittings.

By adding an option flow control to the closed side of the air cylinder it will allow you to control the closing rate of the stop. Just tee into your air bottle, wire solenoid and go racing.

Cedar Falls, IA 50613 Phone: 319.277.5290 Fax: 319.277.5242 Web: [email protected]: Number #1 Stop Products The S-2 mounts under Standard Holley Carbs. With both adapter tops (optional) you can bolt your stop to either standard Holley (4150) or Dominator (4500) style intake and bolt either a standard Holley or a Dominator carb by only changing the adapter top.

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You're welcome back the entire time you own your vehicle for complimentary VA state inspections, oil filter changes, and all other maintenance services at a less-than-retail discount. Just tell us your situation and we'll tell you how we can help.

Number 1 Stop Products Gary Heuer 8403 West Ridgeway Ave. Add primary kit (suffix PK) and it will be installed from the factory. No hood scoop or throttle linkage change compared to adding a stop on top of your adapter.

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